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GnD Publishing LLC by was created by award-winning author, George A Bernstein. Like so many other previously unpublished and unknown authors, his first novel, Trapped, was rejected dozens of times (mostly form letters). As a successful business man and retired President of a small, publicly held appliance manufacturing firm, Mr. Bernstein realized it required more than raw talent to really succed as an author. He began attending classes at several top writers conferences and author seminars, learning the building blocks of creating a blockbuster novel and polishing his craft and distinctive "voice." He applied his new skills to rewriting Trapped, and it won a small indie publisher's “Next Great American Novel” contest, going on to become an Amazon Top 100 Novel. Having endured so many challenges to become a success, Mr. Bernstein decided it was time to use what he had learned to give the unknown author a legitimate path to publishing, bypassing the usually unattainable agent required by most publishers.

 GnD Publishing LLC publishes quality novels by debut and unpublished authors that have been ignored by agents and mainstream publishers, solely because they are debut and/or previously unpublished. We accept submissions directly from authors, not agents, and are geared to help new authors maximize income from their novels.

READERS: All of our books can be found in retail book stores, or Amazon, or can be purchased directly from GnD Publishing LLC. If your favorite bookstore is out, ask them to order a copy for you. We are hard at work with several quality authors to bring you more riveting fiction to choose from.

AUTHORS: If you are interested in a possible publishing contract with GnD Publishing LLC, please read our pages on PUBLISHING, SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES, ARTICLES, and FAQs before submitting a Query e-mail. We read all Queries, responding with an e-mailed acknowledgement, and usually get back to you within 1 - 3 weeks as to our decision on your work. We promise not to send a form letter.

RETAIL BOOK SELLERS: Contact us through our Contact Page​ or e-mail us at regarding our discount and return policies, which are in line with industry standards.

QUESTIONS: Feel free to ask us anything, using the form on our Contact Page, or through e-mail: ​

We look forward to serving you.

Publisher of qualitry novels by debut and previously unpublished authors