GnD Publishing LLC

Is GnD Publishing a Vanity Publisher? 
    No. We are selective of what we publish, and do a conventional publisher's job with content as well as copy editing. Unlike self-published books, novels published by us are acceptable to libraries and book stores.

Don't you charge fees, like a Vanity Publisher?
   Again, no. Vanity and most POD publishers make their money by charging the AUTHOR fees. We are a small, independent publisher, and only pass along our out-of-pocket costs for editing, graphic designs, and ISBN expenses. Your small investment in your book shows us you are a serious author, intent on succeeding.

Why publish with GnD Publishing, rather than self-publish?
   Self-publishing is certainly an option for you. You'll join the tens-of-thousands of others on the same road, much of it badly written and unedited. And you will have virtually zero chance of selling to bookstores and libraries. However, if you want a quality product, something that sets you apart from the "junk," as a "Self-Publisher" who really wants a chance to succeed, you'll be spending as much or more on cover designs and editing as you would with us... without our expert help and feedback. We often can provide the services you need for less, as we give our experts a lot of work, and that reflects in their charges to us.
If you accept my novel, how long will it take to reach the market?
   The first step - Content Editing- often takes 3 - 6 weeks, depending on our editor's load and the length and scope of the work required on your manuscript. After that, it's largely up to you... how fast, and well, you make the suggested editing changes. In the interim, we will be designing the cover, over which you will have input. Once your Content edit is completed... and it usually takes more than one pass... the manuscript will go through Copy and Line editing, looking for mechanical and grammar errors. Once completed, it will go back to you for rewritting. Overall, this total process usually takes 4-8 months. 
You seem like a new publisher. How do I know you can successfully publish my novel?
     Surprisingly, publishing is NOT brain surgery. GnD Publishing will be publishing all of George A Bernstein's novels, as well as otjher dubut authors,  and we've worked with another small publisher, learning the trade. We've acquired the services of two fine editors and several graphic artists. We've acquired  substantial software used for formatting both print and e-books. We own ISBN numbers, displayed with bar codes, that are necessary for the retail sales of your print book. We WANT to succeed, and want YOU to succeed, all of which lends support to our other publications.

How will you pay royalities, and how often?
      Royalties will be paid quarterly, for the previous quarter. In other words, on or about  July 1, we will pay you your earnings for the period ending March 31. Payments will be made via electronic checks through PayPal. For greatest security, you should acquire a PayPal account. There is no cost, and transactions are guaranteed. PayPal is a division of E-Bay, and payments can be made through it to any country in the world, but all distributions will be in U$S.

Can I contact you, if I have questions?
     Of Couirse. E-mail us at, and put “PUBLISHING QUESTION” in the subject box. We'll get back to you. If you are ready to submit your manuscript, go to our SUBMISSION GUIDELINESpage and follow the instructions there. Just be sure you've made your novel the best you can. 


Frequently Asked Questions