GnD Publishing LLC

There are four basic publishing venues: The giant mainstream publishing houses; mid-size & small, independent publishers; vanity publisher… and e-books.

Mainstream publishing: Getting published by a big-name house first requires finding an agent who will represent you. Direct submissions from unagented authors go into the publisher’s slush pile, and are rarely looked at. Finding an agent was always the “Holy Grail” for new authors, but if you’ve been on the query letter path, you’ve probably seen more rejections then you can count… usually impersonal form letters. The list of best-selling, famous authors that were turned down over and again is legion.

And if you do get an agent, it’s no guarantee you’ll get published. Agents often have peddled a book they loved for years with no success. Those big publishers want best-sellers by famous authors or celebs. Debut authors rarely even earn out the modest advances they are sometimes paid… and advances are going by the boards unless you’ve got major national name recognition.

Traditional mid-size and small publishers: Generally, these only publish a handful of books a year, mostly from their already established authors. So while these smaller houses will consider direct submissions, you odds of getting in the door there aren’t much better.

E-books/Kindle: Tens of thousands are published every year through Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and all the new upstarts. And that’s the problem, because 95% of those are self-published and are mostly poorly written. They’re produced by untrained authors, usually poorly edited or not edited professionally, and are often improperly formatted. They just don’t meet industry standards and rarely sell. There are no filters with Kindle and the rest. They’ll take what you give them, and are happy to make their percentage on however few you sell. Most self-published e-books sell less than 100 copies in their lifetime.

Vanity publishers: The majority of these make their money from fees they charge authors. They have no more criteria over what they’ll print than do the e-book publishers. If they offer editing, it is copy editing for punctuation and spelling… for a fee, often carelessly done. Covers are designed by photo manipulators… for a fee. Formatting is a fee. Promotion (which usually amount to giving it to a wholesaler like Ingram) is a fee; digital conversion to POD print and e-book format is a fee. Get the idea? Few books published through Vanity houses sell even 100 copies over several years. 

Self-published books, whether an e-book or via Vanity Presses, are shunned by most books stores and libraries. That's a huge market to miss out on. Even self-published print books produced through Createspace and sold on Amazon will NOT attract bookstores because retailers are not offered sufficient discounts or returnability.

Sounds bleak, but don’t be discouraged. GnD Publishing LLC is a small, conventional publisher, offering a different, new-world opportunity. We call it “participation” publishing. How are we different?

First, we are critical about what we will accept. It must be at least the bones of a good story that will engage a reader, written with some skill and understanding of the basic requirements of good fiction. But we don’t really care who you are, or what other great works you have (or haven’t) written. We just want to see that you are a serious author, who has taken some time to learn the craft… maybe by visiting a writers’ conference or two and attended the many classes available there. And that you are willing to make a small investment in your future.

If we accept your novel for consideration, it will be fully concept edited by an independent, top professional editor. He’s going to tell you what works and what doesn’t, and what needs to be changed, to make your work saleable... to make it a novel people will love to read. You will do the work to improve the story… and you’ll pay the cost of the editing. Every book offered on this web site has undergone that process.

We also will do Content Editing (Grammar, spelling, sentence constructs, etc.), and offer optional Line Editing, the most detailed and complete service, with many specific suggestions as to style, wording and structure. You will pay for all editing, but we don’t mark up editors’ fees. You pay what they charge us. We don’t make money from editing. Our goal is to profit off the results of that editing… a great novel that sells well.

While you are making those editing corrections, we will start on the cover, skillfully produced by our expert designer through the use of licensed photos and graphic art, where required. He has produced fine covers for all George Bernstein's novels. Two slightly different covers are required: print (usually in PDF format) of the front, spine and back covers, and e-book (in JPG format). You will have input and final approval of the designs, and you pay the actual cost of the cover design. We’ll show you the invoices. Covers are no place to skimp. Tests have shown the same book selling 3-5 times better with a great cover than an average one, especially as an e-book, where the full front cover (not just the spine) is visible as a thumbnail.

Your only other modest expenses are for ISBN number(s), Copyright fees, and formatting. Overall, the total of these expense usually runs between $1,500 - $2,500, depending on the length of the manuscript and the depth of editing. 

YOUR BENEFITS: Conventional publishers pay royalties of 6 – 10% of net wholesale prices… less any returns, and your agent (if you have one) gets 15% of that. Royalties earned are first applied against any advance, which often is never earned out. It is unlikely you will ever see any money beyond your advance, if they give you one.

GnD Publishing LLC is different. We will split… 50/50 … all the net proceeds from the sale of both your print and e-book… from the very first sale. With GnD Publishing LLC, you’ll earn about 35% of e-book sales, and as much as 20% of retail print sales through Amazon. Bookstore sales usually earn the author between 10% - 15%, depending on retail price and cost of printing. Your original investment is often earned back after the sale of 500-750 books, in print and/or e-books

If you are seriously interested in achieving a successful career as an author… one whose books actually sell and make money, look at our Submission Guidelines page. You’ll see what kinds of books we are interested in publishing, the usual expense to do all that’s necessary, and how to go about introducing your masterpiece to us… and eventually, the world. If we accept your novel, we also tell you exactly what it will cost, and what you will receive in return for your participation.

You might first want to peruse our Articles Page, with several commentaries about what it takes to become a really good writer. Use what you learn there to improve your work before submitting it to us. The better your manuscript, the more likely we will be to want to publish it.

Feel free to ask questions, using our Contact Page. We hope to hear from you… if you are serious about becoming a GOOD, traditionally published author. Your future success is totally in your own hands.