GnD Publishing LLC

What we are interested in:             

GnD Publishing is primarily interested in fiction: Suspense, Thriller, Crime, Sagas, and Mainstream novels. We will also consider Romantic Suspense. If you’ve written something outside these areas, we may still consider it, if you can sell us with a captivating query and synopsis.

Non-fiction is limited to books about fishing, where George Bernstein is considered a world-class expert, holder of a baker’s dozen IGFA records.

How to submit:

First, be sure your manuscript is as polished as you can make it. 
Read some of the articles about becoming a better writer from our Article Page. Get a book or two, like Donald Maass’ Writing the Breakout Novel or Albert Zuckerman’s Writing the Blockbuster Novel. Find a Writers’ Conference, nearby if necessary, that you can attend. Google “Writers Conferences,” and check out those that seem of interest. They occur country-wide, virtually every month of the year. These are usually 2 – 3 day affairs, loaded with seminars on every phase of writing and publishing… more than you can possibly attend… all aimed at improving your skills. You can benefit from these before, during, or after you’ve completed you novel. Put in the time, and do the work it takes to polish yourself into a really good writer… someone who knows what makes a novel work.

If you’ve never done this, you may be in for a surprise. George Bernstein took his wife, Dolores, to several writers' conferences many years ago. Suddenly, many of the books and movies she used to love seemed pretty unimpressive. She learned what makes great writing, and a lot of what’s out there (some of it published by the big houses) doesn’t qualify.

In spite of all that effort, you probably still have a long way to go to make your novel an “I-can’t-put-it-down” best seller. That’s where we come in.

So once you feel confident you’ve made your novel the best you know how, this is how to submit, via e-mail, to:

Write a query cover letter, with your last name and the novel's title in the subject bar. In the body of the e-mail, include your full name and contact info (including a phone number), and the page and word counts.

 The 2nd paragraph should be a 1 -3 sentence pitch, giving the guts of the story. Hook us, if you can. Then one paragraph about who you are: any writing credits, special skills (a tech or experience background that may relate to the storyline, if appropriate, i.e., a doctor writing a medical thriller), and any plans on how you intend to promote your novel, once it’s published. Do you have any special skills or connections that can help with promo and marketing? We won’t reject you for not being a technical wiz or inexperienced in marketing, but any skills in these area can help your sales. If you have none, they are skills you can learn.

Attach a 1 – 3 page synopsis, INCLUDING the ending, especially if there’s a twist. We’re not your customer, we’re your editor, and want to know where you are going, how you’re story is going to get there, and how it’s going to end. Spend time with the synopsis to get it right. There are lots of articles in books and on the web about how to write a dynamite synopsis. For us, it’s a gauge of your writing style and how well you can organize your story. However, unlike most agents and editors, you are NOT going to sink or swim on your synopsis alone with us. We WANT to help you get published and be a success, and we’ll do everything we can to help you get there.

Note: All submissions should be in Microsoft Word docx or doc files, Arial, Georgia or Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced, formatted with 1-inch margins all around. Each chapter should end with a page break, and paragraphs should be auto-indented .3-inch with no extra spaces between paragraphs. Your title and name (MyBestseller/author’s last name) should be in the Header, and with page numbering, either in the Header or Footer. All this is easily formatted on MS Word.

Attach the first 30 pages of your work in a separate file, but go a bit longer if you need to complete a chapter. If page 29 ends a chapter, that’s enough. E-mail the entire file to: We will acknowledge receipt. It may take from days to weeks for us to get back to you, depending on our work load and other commitments. Be patient, but if you don’t hear from us in 3 weeks, write a follow-up e-mail, with the title of your novel and “follow-up” in the subject line. We will respond with an update of our progress.

What we will expect from our authors:

Once we’ve decided to take you on, we will offer you a simple contract, including an estimate of YOUR cost for editing, cover design, and ISBN number. Your novel will go through professional content & copy edits. You’ll get a lot of feedback on what you need to do… revisions we think you need to make… to turn your gem into a marketable success. If you feel strongly about something we suggest should be changed, tell us. We may agree, after hearing your argument. But you’ll need to do the work to get the manuscript ready for publishing. Meanwhile, we’ll be busy creating a cover that will attract buyers.

As corrections & revisions are nearing completion, you’ll need to create a number of things necessary to promote you and your work.

An “Author’s web site.” At a minimum, you will set up an Author’s Page on Amazon ( This is free and will give info about you and your novel. Optional is your own web site.  GoDaddy is easy and inexpensive, and their tech services are always willing to help, if you hit a snag. But feel free to pick whomever you feel most comfortable with. You will have to pay for a domain name (best is “”) and hosting services. While a personal web site is optional, it can be a major bulwark of your “Brand.” You can design it yourself, or hire an expert, but anyone with moderate computer skills and some imagination (you ARE a novelist, after all) can do a nice job.

A blog site (Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress, etc.) dedicated to your writing, and linked to your web pages. You should be posting here, even before your book is published, building followers.
An optional Twitter account, also linked to the web site and your blog. As with your blog site, frequent posts about what’s happening with your upcoming novel builds followers.

Set up an author’s account and author’s page at Goodreads. It’s an important site with hundreds of thousands of members. You’ll eventually do promotions there, with hundreds of members signing up for a chance at a few free books you’ll be giving away. Those that don't win often add your novel to their "Too Read" list. You're trying to develop a fan base.

Prepare to run 1 - 3 Virtual Book Tours. We can recommend several very good operators who will help you gain notice and provide many reviews. It takes some work, because you’ll be writing Guest Posts about yourself, your novel and your writing. There will also be “Author Interviews;” features of your book cover, with the back cover copy; and on some, reviews of the book. Good VBT operators have lots of blog members with big followings. There’s some cost (usually $50 – $500/tour, depending on the operator and what she provides), but it’s money well spent. VBT’s don’t always result in a burst of sales at first, but they are building familiarity with you, and your BRAND. That will eventually translate to sales, especially if you publish a second, and then third novel.

You may want to create a video trailer for YouTube, which you link to your web site, Facebook page, and blog. These are powerful marketing tools, and often have stronger impact on your VBT, where it will also be linked.

Any other social media accounts you can manage. The more exposure you get, the better your novel(s) will eventually sell.

What our authors can expect from us:

First and foremost, we are going to help you polish your manuscript into the best it can be… something we can both be proud of. If we’ve accepted your submission, it’s because we believe it WILL sell. How well… as with ANY publisher… will be largely up to you. Even top bestselling authors, like Dean Koontz (over 400,000,000 book sales), do most of their own promotion. We will offer suggestions on ways to promote your novel, but the work will largely be up to you.

Our experts will provide all the tools you need in the way of EDITING and COVER DESIGN, both of which you will pay for at our cost. We’ll happily show you the invoices. We will also suggest promotional IDEAS to give you every chance to succeed. And we will be there to answer your questions and keep you on the right path to get there. But you’re going to have to invest a moderate sum and then do the work… and it is time consuming if done right. But the end result may be a viable, well-reviewed and successful novel. And maybe the beginning of a bourgeoning career!

If that is your goal, contact us through our Contact Page, or e-mail us at:, and let’s get started.

The next move is up to you.